Lip Reading

  Today I was out cross-country skiing with ipod in just about full blast.  (I listen mostly to music from when I was hearing or ambient elctroncia with little words.)  It was a gorgeous but cold day and it was good to be out.  I love the exercise and being out. 

  On the way I passed others who mouthed words.  Sometimes I am amazed at what I ‘hear’ when I know I can’t hear.  Part of is expectation.  Most people are not going to stop and chat with me.  I see their mouths form hello, hi or good morning and I can respond appropriately without removing my music. 

  A few weeks back I did have a girl stop and start talking to me.  I had to pull out music, ask for a few repeats and then admit I was half deaf.  She looked at me more at that point and I got what she said.  She was embarrassed for being so slow and careful going down hill.  I laughed and told her I was a big chicken too. 

  The funny thing about lip reading without hearing the voice is the more I try the harder it gets.  I think I stress myself out.  As long as I relax I seem to pick up more.  At normal times I need people to face me when speaking.  Watching the mouth form the sounds helps me a great deal with the noise I hear. So relax… right?


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