Riding in cars

  When I was about 14 I noticed I could not hear well in back seats.  (Why I didn’t relate it to hearing loss I’ll never know.)  I used to avoid it as much as possible.  I would sit on someone’s lap (before seatbelt laws) or sit what we called ‘twinkie’ in the middle even if it meant sitting on the storage box.  That way I wouldn’t miss anything.  Some friends thought me a front seat hog and maybe I was.  If I ended up sitting in back I was always draped over the front seat to hear.

  Today I rode around in the backseat with my baby grandson.  My daughter drove around with her boyfriend upfront.  He likes to talk but he doesn’t always turn around and talk to me.  I leaned forward some but the car seat is positioned in the middle of the back seat so it’s hard to lean into the front seat.  Sometimes I asked for a repeat and other times I faked it with my faking laugh.  He’s a funny guy and usually what he says he expects a laugh from.  He’s not been close enough to me yet to know the faking laugh but I bet my daughter caught it and will tell him later. She knows. Maybe she was too busy driving.

  At lunch he asked me something of which I could not hear.  I was across the table and he had a mouth full.  My daughter elbowed him and told him to not to talk with his mouth full.  She was reminding him I needed clear speaking without actually saying it.  I had to smile.  It’s nice to have back up.


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