The Classroom

  I put myself in a class/workshop which started tonight.  I signed up last week and emailed them back to please have the teacher get in touch with me as I’m hard of hearing.  I may need a ‘system’ in place.  I guess they don’t check their email.  I went early hoping to meet the teacher before anyone else and I did.  I told her about my FM system and I may need her to wear it or keep it near her.  She was very agreeable and easy-going.  I relaxed. 

  Inside the classroom I sat right by her as is my habit. I turned on my FM system… and turned it right back off.  It was held in a local high school classroom and some sort of special event was going on.  I could hear some of that and more with my FM system on.  I told her never mind I thought I would get along better without it. 

  It was a small enough setting that I heard much of what was said.  We sat in a circle so could face whoever was talking.  As long as I watched lips I heard fine.  The minute my mind wandered I lost all words.  The key word is focus.  I get mini-breaks while we write so my ears and brain get a little rest. 

  For too long I let that one bad teacher rule my thoughts on going back to school.  After this class I will feel less reluctant.  This class does two things for me; it gets me writing again and it gets me used to the classroom.  The future opens up again.


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