The other day we were heading to the post office.  My boyfriend said something or another and I didn’t quite catch it.  I asked for a repeat. 

  He said, “We are stopping the mail, REMEMBER?” 

  My automatic response was, “It’s a hearing problem, not a memory problem.  I couldn’t catch your words, ok?”

  He pulled into a parking spot and disappeared into the post office.  He came back out smiling and asked if I had my FM system for the trip we were about to take. I told him I did, for once.

  Even on the defensive I felt guilty for not even having my hearing aids in to begin with.  I really should automatically put them in every day.  Sometimes being without all the extra noise is nice however.  A toned down world can be less headache for me. 

  Four or five days later he did the “remember” thing again tho I do not remember the situation (har-har).  Where has this come from all of a sudden?  He knows I can’t hear well so why the “REMEMBER?”  I reminded him once again it’s not a memory problem (or is it, lol)  but a hearing problem.  It’s needing to make sense of the sounds I hear to make the word/sentence.


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