On our last trip I put in my hearing aids and the FM system to make sure I would hear in the van.  I was impressed myself with remembering to even bring the FM system this time.  I realized right away I wasn’t hearing with my left ear like I should.  The FM system was making no difference for me in hearing.  Weird, I thought so I turned the whole thing off and went for just hearing aids and I still couldn’t hear.

  I panicked.  I knew I was having a bad hearing day but I didn’t realize I had lost most of my hearing in my best ear.  I turned the hearing aid off and back on.  I went through the 4 programs on the hearing aid and I could faintly hear the programs beeps as it switched.  It wasn’t the battery then.  I was near tears.  Oh my God, I have lost a huge chunk of hearing.

  I put both hearing aids away knowing it wouldn’t be of use.  When I wear just my right aid it is not helpful at all as I don’t have as much word recognition in that ear.   It makes more noise than anything to me.  I know at that point, my right hearing aid was working. 

  Then I thought I’d check my hearing with my ipod ear buds.  I plugged in and music flooded into my ear.  Instant relief!  Whew.  There was something wrong with the hearing aid and not me.  I took it back out of its box and took a closer look.  The ear hook was barely attached to the tube.  It looked like it was sliced.  It was a relief to know that it was indeed the hearing aid but also grief about not being able to use them on the trip. 

Once home I ran the broken hearing aid into the my audiologist.  Last time the ear hook broke on another pair of hearing aids of mine the hearing aid had to be sent out-of-town which means a week of lopsided hearing or no aids.  That’s what I expected but surprise!  My audiologist keeps those spare parts in his office.  He fixed it within 10 minutes and handed it back to me.  Great!!!

  I went home with just the one hearing aid in not bothering to the other in.  Once home I took it out and put it in its bed.  Later I had class so I took out both hearing aids.  The left worked great and now the right one was dead.  I changed the battery and still nothing.  Argh!  Why couldn’t I have put that hearing aid in while at the audiologist earlier?  Then I could have handed it over right then.

  In class I wore the single left hearing aid.  I get more word recognition in that ear so it is more helpful than not wearing it.   It’s still lopsided and I had to really concentrate on lip-reading.  If my brain drifted off on to something else I lost all words.  It’s a good thing it’s a writing class with half verbal and half of it writing.

  Today, two days later, I was able to take my right hearing aid in.  I handed it over and  hoped like hell he could fix it as fast as he did the other one.  No such luck.  No noise would come forth and this time it had to be shipped out back east.  I will get it sometime by the end of next week.  It has a two-year warranty so it’s still covered.  I told him I thought it was just about a year ago that I got these new hearing aids. (Damn time flies.)  He looked in my file and found out it was exactly one year ago yesterday.


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