We have Netflix and my boyfriend watches a lot of movies instantly.  Most of them are not captioned or subtitled which means most of the time I wander off to do something of my own.  I can get super frustrated trying hard to understand something I really want to see or know without captions so it’s best if I leave.  I get the DVD’s delivered to the house and most of those are either captioned or subtitled.  I settle for that since I don’t like a lot of TV anyway.

  Today we watched an IMAX film called Amazing Caves.  It was neither subtitled or captioned.  I looked to my boyfriend often to see what they were saying and he would give me a brief description.  I picked the movie thinking it should be very visual.  Not!  They did a lot of talking and I didn’t see many amazing caves so I walked off.

 He also watched a documentary about guy traveling Africa with a banjo.  The music was great.  Some of it was subtitled because they were speaking a foreign language but half of it was English and nothing for me to go on.  I stayed in my room writing hearing the music pieces from afar.

  When I feel like watching movies instantly on Netflix I go to the foreign genre.  Years ago I gravitated towards foreign films because they covered such different topics than us in the U.S.  I still like them for that reason but also because they are captioned.  My boyfriend has a hard time with them because of course he can understand nothing and can’t read fast enough.  He complained a few times until I told him that’s exactly how English-speaking movies sound to me, like a foreign language because I understand so little without captions.  He stopped complaining.  I watched a great foreign film out of Germany last week called Soul Kitchen.  I loved it. 

  A new law has just passed through congress and by the president’s desk which says anything delivered commercially over the internet must be captioned.  I think they have a year to get it together.  Netflix says only that they are working on it.

  The only thing I really watch without captions is football.  (Go Steelers!)  I need no captions because it’s super visual.  Sometimes people want to turn them on for me but the captions only get in the way of the game and are often so far behind I can’t stand it.  News shows are like that too.


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