I’ve had tinnitus for so long now I almost don’t hear it any more.  Sometimes I even use it to go to sleep when too much is on my mind.  That’s not quite the right way to habituate tinnitus I know but I sort of made it my friend so to speak.  It seemed easier than making it my enemy.

  Even though I don’t think about my tinnitus too much I can tell when it wrecks my hearing.  There are some days better than others.  Last night I had class again and I had a helluva time keeping up with what everyone was saying.  I still have lopsided hearing (hearing aid fixed, they called today and I can pick it up tomorrow) but seemed worse than normal.  I was over tired from skiing earlier.  Way over tired.  I went beyond my skiing norm yesterday and later went to class yawning.  When I am tired the ringing picks up my ears.  Or maybe I just hear it more because it’s so hard to focus.  Anyway, I missed half of what was said unless I was near enough to read lips.


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