Are my hearing aids in?

Will I ever get over the fear of having my hearing aids in my ears and getting into the tub or shower?  I didn’t even wear my hearing aids today and when I slid under the water to wash my hair I had the panic thought, “Are my hearing aids in?”

    I never put my hearing aids in first thing in the morning.  There’s something about toned down mornings and coffee that relax me and I don’t want to hear everything yet.  When I get in the shower and put my head under the nozzle I ask myself, “Are my hearing aids in?”  The thought just bubbles up.  Then I mentally slap the side of my head.  Of course they aren’t.

  The panic thought comes up almost daily however.  Why?  Maybe because there will be that day I come home from camping and smelling of camp fire and because my hearing aids are in from traveling I will walk into the shower and freak.  So I guess I’ll continue to ask myself, “Are my hearing aids in?”


One response to “Are my hearing aids in?

  1. i think its normal to ask ourself that…each and everytime..its like asking if our watch is on.. ..
    i’v forgotten a few times but notice the diff right away…luckily before my head got wet 🙂

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