Talking Thru A Window

  There’s a few places from which I have to talk through little windows.  It’s not as much anxiety as talking on the phone but it ups my level some.  As long as the person keeps the responses short and their replies are predictable, I can figure it out.  When they go off the predictable path or want to talk to me then I am lost.

At the ski resort I have to talk through a window to get a ticket.  Ken let’s me use the passes he acquires through his ski patrol.  It used to be the only window that handled those passes was the furthest to the right.  This time the lady sat back in her chair with a counter separating us further and did a yakkity-yakkity-yak.  I sighed.  I leaned close to the mouth piece and informed her I do not hear well.  She leaned over her counter and told me for future reference it’s now the window second from the right.  At least she processed it for me.

I get gas up the street.  If I use my card no worries it’s all done at the pump.  If I use cash I have to go to the booth with a window.  This one is all speaker controlled and it’s a bad speaker.  Voices sound like they are coming through a metal can and I rarely understand them.  Again if they keep the responses short and predictable I’m ok.  There is an old man who works there and he is the most friendly of the employees.  He likes to chat.  After about 3 times of him trying to chat with me with me shaking my head and telling him I can’t hear well he has given up.  That means he recognizes me now.  He continues to be friendly with a smile and a wave instead. 

  Another time there they were out of gas.  It took 3 repeats for me to understand that one.  Thankfully I don’t run into these windows often.  Those windows reduce sound enough that I may as well be deaf.  When they use the speakers it sounds a lot like the Charlie Brown adults.  Most of the time I deal with people with a counter between us.  That calls for repeats also but not as much.  As my friend Susan said, even crappy sound seems to help with speech recognition.


4 responses to “Talking Thru A Window

  1. other windows i hate..trying to hear over the domed counters like Subway or other fast food places have….i usually choose a sandwich that comes as is. ..but of course they still ask you something.. would you like dshaiihe? …ummm no…would you care for ehhikahh today? umm just cook it like the picture and i’ll eat it……sigh

  2. I like Subway but I hated going too because of all the stupid questions. I would tell them to just make it like the picture also. I mean why have a menu of different sandwiches if they are going to ask you every little thing to put on? Just make it like it’s supposed to be! No. Lots and lots of questions across that sheild, across the counter. I didn’t know anyone else felt the same way.
    My boyfriend likes to go there so I’ve gotten used to their ways finally. When I’m by myself I tell them right out I can’t hear well and then tell them how to make my sandwich. I think the menu is for the meat only.

  3. I feel like that at Starbucks, I have no idea what they’re talking about even when I can hear them.

    • Not only do they talk across a counter and sneeze shield but coffee is a foreign language there! I avoid that place most of the time too.

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