Two Things Here

  First I wanted to share  hearing loss simulator.  I asked two hearing people to listen to it.  I wanted to know if it was just flat/muffled or were sounds missing like having a sensorineural hearing loss, like me.  They both came back saying it was basically just flatter.  Myself, I toggled between moderate loss first then normal hearing.  I could tell the normal hearing was louder only and sometimes got a few more words but not much more than the moderate loss.  That’s my brain guessing at sounds and putting them together to form a sentence.  Click here if you want to see the simulator.

  I went to a local ALDA (Association of Late Deafened Adults) social the other night.  I took my grandson with me so it sort of distracted me a few times (he’s almost 3 months).  Otherwise the hard of hearing people there were all cochlear implants.  That seemed to be the main topic.  I still wear hearing aids so….

  It was interesting to hear their stories of before and after.  They shared hard of hearing stories as well such as leaving the water running because we don’t hear it.  I’ve been lucky with that so far.  I only left the water running that I know of one time and that was at work in the bathroom sink.  I forgot I turned on the hot water and didn’t hear it going as I walked away.  Nothing flooded but I’m sure it was not easy on water heater all night. 

Still it’s good to mingle with others who are hard of hearing, cochlear implant or not.  Nothing restores perfect hearing.  My friend Susan says the implant works a WHOLE lot better than hearing aids.  I suppose I could find out some day.


One response to “Two Things Here

  1. Clay Corwin’s wife has one. She had me hold it up to my head, It was amazing, think it would be a good investment when the time comes.

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