Hearing Miracles?

  Last week we went skiing in the wilderness for about 5 days.  On the way up we stopped at a store for a few last-minute items, one of mine being hearing aid batteries.  While checking out the lady said something like, “I use these things for my thermometer all the time.”

  “In my case I really do use them for hearing aids,” I told her. 

  She looked up at me from her register perhaps trying to see my hearing aids but I have longer hair now and also had a hat on.  “I have two relatives who wear hearing aids and I don’t think they work.  I think they need to go in and get them adjusted but they won’t,” she said.

  Sigh.  “They aren’t hearing miracles,” I told her.  “They don’t replace sounds once those sounds are gone.”

  She looked at me again, “But you do well.”

  Crap.  I was doing well right then in hearing her.  I’m sure I was piecing some words together but over all I got what she was saying.  “It could be an adjustment issue I guess,” I replied,  “Good luck,” and I walked out.

  The whole conversation continued to bother me for some miles.  Hearing people have such high expectations of hearing aids.  I wish I had more time to educate her before I left but it probably wouldn’t have done much good anyway.


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