FM System

A few weeks earlier I was running errands with him while babysitting.  He was awfully I good in the car, I thought to myself.  I stretched myself back towards the back seat and realized he was screaming his head off and I couldn’t hear him.  I turned the radio off, which was on low with classical music, and still I just barely heard him.  My hearing has changed drastically since my kids were that age.

I took on a trip south to visit with my parents and friends.  It was a grand tour from Salt Lake to Vegas to Seligman, AZ.  I took my Jeep Wrangler, soft top, which is noisy to say the least.  I knew I would not be able to hear the baby at all in that vehicle so I took my FM system.  It’s a Phonak SmartLink given to me about 6 or so years ago by a work rehabilitation program.   Since he is still too young to grab things (but he’s working on it) I set it between his legs in the car seat.  He moved around enough it ended up under his leg tot he side so later I set it  up on the car seat shade above his head.

I was able to hear just about everything and I was so thankful for having that.  I could tell if he was snuffling around in his sleep or truly waking up.  Luckily the baby slept most of the time in the car as I timed it that way, after bottles or early morning.  Sometimes he was so quiet I was stretching myself into the backseat just to make sure my ears weren’t playing tricks on me.

After awhile I learned to trust the device.  I felt confident enough to turn on the music at a low volume and realized I could hear it through my SmartLink better than I have in a long time.  I can tell how my hearing is doing according to how much I turn up volume.  When I bought the stereo 4 years ago I could listen to it without aids at 32.  When I moved here it went up to 34.  Now it’s 36 and sometimes still I can’t understand what song is playing so I snap it off.  With my FM system I could hear the song at 18 as long as I wasn’t doing about 55 mph or under.   However, at 75 mph on the freeway I’m better off with iPod in otherwise I would just blow my speakers out, not that I can tell the difference anyway.

This thing will go with me from now on while travelling.  It makes hearing so much easier.

SmartLink transmitter

Mine is an older version, more silver but basically the same.


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