Does hearing loss make me anti-social.  Sometimes.

Either I want to put forth the effort to hear or I don’t.  It depends on the mood, the event and the person.  It depends on if I’m tired and my tinnitus is screaming.

In the grocery store at the check out register, I’m not inclined to be social.  Who really cares, they are just doing their job asking the same question of every customer…  “Paper or plastic?  How are you today?  Any stamps or ice with that?”

Or on the chairlift at the ski resort… today as an example.  After riding the lift alone most of the day I end up with a guy who wanted to make social.  I wasn’t really in the mood (long story) so I answered his questions in a way that didn’t give him much to respond to.  I had on a helmet which impairs my hearing more than normal.  If the wind is blowing and whooshing into my helmet, I have to cock my head several different ways to get that sound out to hear the person better.  Today I had both of those instances but darned if I didn’t feel antisocial and a little bad for not making nice back so at the end of the ride I wished him a good day.  Was that enough???


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