Subtitled Movies on Netflix

Some time ago I signed up for Netflix and found out right away most of their movies via instant streaming are not captioned or subtitled.  I had signed up for one DVD and then later two to keep them coming so I could watch some of the movies I wanted.

My boyfriend watches a lot of movies instant streaming.  At first it seemed like few were captioned but lately there seems to be a little more.  Here’s a list of movies he found with subtitles via instant streaming.

Get Shorty

Death at a Funeral

Full Metal Jacket

District 9

Long Kiss Goodnight

How to Kill Your Neighbors Dog

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

The Client

Witches of Eastwick

Fifth Element



Grown Ups

Weeds (the TV series)

Black Snake Moan

A Perfect World

The Informers

Funny Farm

Absolute Power

Man With Two Brains

Full Metal Jacket

Eat Pray Love

The Cry of the Owl



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