This morning I got a Caption Call phone installed.  I don’t have a land line available so they suggested Magic Jack and it works!  There’s a second or so delay due to the Magic Jack but I see captions as people talk.  I’m going to be calling lots of people tomorrow for practice.

Just now I was in the kitchen cleaning and getting ready for dinner.  I have my iPod plugged into one ear because I’m expecting my kids to show up soon.  I was adding dishes to the dish washer and I hear a buzz.  I wondered if I was hearing things. I knew it wasn’t my cell phone ringing.  I heard it again and thought, “What the hell is that?”  It rang one more time and I realized it was my new phone.  Oh! My! God!  I can hear my new phone ring from the kitchen.

I skipped past the living room into my little room, my office, and picked up the phone extremely excited.  It’s been years since I’ve heard a phone ring from another room! Granted, it’s set up at medium volume (which made the hearing lady who installed the phone cringe) and set at a low frequency. It’s got one more setting if I need it some day so I do this for a few years hopefully.  It will wake the dead I’m sure.  My boyfriend may hate it but he’ll have to get used to it.  I’m so happy!

Caption Call phone


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