Sign Language

A few weeks ago I went to visit my friend Susan in Montana for a few days.  We met through the Say What Club (email list for the hard of hearing) back in the late 90’s.  I think when I last saw her, her hearing loss was probably close to what mine is today.  Since then she has lost a lot more hearing and now wears two cochlear implants.  Now she hears better than me!  She heard better in the car and she would always tell me when the toaster or microwave beeped which I never did hear.  It’s amazing.

Some years ago she took a sign language class or two.  I guess I gave her a sign language dictionary when she visited me all those years ago so she knows some sign.  I know some sign.  It was very helpful.  In the morning without her CI’s on she is completely deaf. We signed some and mimed for understanding.  In the car when I couldn’t hear very well she would sign a word for me for understanding.  Just sitting at the table when one of us was stuck on a word finger spelling came in handy.  It was delightful experience for me as I’ve had no one to use it with before.

My daughter says next month we can start teaching the baby some basic sign. I’m so happy she’s following through with this.  I hope the baby will be my practice buddy later.  I will need him to know some sign or at least finger spelling (later I know) to be able to understand him anyway.  I have the most difficult time with kids voices.


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