Getting Back on the Horse

I have been wanting to attend a writers group in town for months now.  After the last public fiasco I was unsure of my ability to be able to hear at the group however I forced myself to go.  I had to try.  Writing has been in my heart since I was about 12 years old.

Lots of “what if’s” went through my head as I gripped the steering wheel on the way to town.  If it’s too big and echo’ish I’ll sit through the meeting and never come back.  If people are impatient, I’ll leave.  It’s all about one person reading and everyone commenting, I’ll ask to put my FM system near the speaker.  If it’s a large group, I’ll just see what I can do.

So I arrive barely on time and find out it’s in the back of one room office type of thing. My hopes fell but when I turned the corner only one guy was sitting there.  Another lady came in after me and that was it.  I learned the most that is ever there is about 6 which is perfect for me.

I told them right away I was hard of hearing. Strangely enough they both knew some sign language for odd reasons. They invited me to kick them if they didn’t speak up.  I told them if it ever got hard I might put my FM system in the middle of the table, it was no problem for them.  As for the format of the sessions, we make copies of our writing and pass them out.  We then take turns reading aloud what we wrote while the others mark on their sheets.  Great!  I can follow along easily enough.

I was thrilled. I did it. I can’t wait to go again.  Some good to balance the bad.


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