Hearing Loss Awareness

I made out a letter to the editor and it was published this morning. It’s about how lonely hearing loss can be and where to go for help here in the city.  I had several compliments from my local hearing loss group which gave me heart.

When I go to our meetings which provide FM systems to use while there and CART (real time captioning) I wonder why there are only 6 of us there.  In a city of a million people surely there are more out there who are hard of hearing. I wonder why they don’t seek out fellowship.  It was one of the first things I did when I moved here.  I wanted the opportunity to be around others with hearing loss.  I was delighted we have such a great place for the hard of hearing here. I never had that kind of thing available to me before and never knew places like this existed.  Why don’t more people take advantage of it?

So I wrote my letter to the editor.  I can do one a month so will follow up with another letter.  If one out of 10 people has some degree of hearing loss, then we all know someone with hearing loss.  Surely there are more out there who would appreciate the center as well.   It’s been one of the best things about moving to Salt Lake.  Maybe people will read it and pass it to someone the know.


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