Screaming Tinnitus

I expect tinnitus if I’ve had too much to drink the night before.  I expect it when I have had a bad sleep night.  I expect it when I have worn myself out completely in trying to  do too much. I also know it will come on with too much caffeine… but I did not expect it this morning.

This morning I woke up with all the bells and whistles going off.  I noticed right away it was more active than usual.  Why?  I hadn’t done any of the above!  Allergies? Pollen? What???

It was so bad at one point my eyes squinted and almost started watering as one tone in particular hit a high note.  That was with my iPod ear buds in (and not on full volume).  That’s unusual for me.  So I took the ear buds out, put in my hearing aids and put music on else where.  That helped some.  Even now after wearing hearing aids all day, it’s noticeably loud.

My girlfriend this morning said she noticed more tinnitus when her hearing was getting ready to drop or had dropped again. I hope not.  Hopefully it’s allergies.  It sure makes for bad hearing days at any rate.


2 responses to “Screaming Tinnitus

  1. I can truly relate on the tinnitus issue. I too notice that hay fever kicks up any tinnitus I might have, bells, whistles, high pitched hum like a swarm of bees. Not pleasant. Sometimes it is just a little melody which I have adjusted in my mind to be a jazz piece, dont ask me how,. It repeats itself but because it is jazz I can imagine it as a riff, or the basic theme of the piece. If I am really distracted by it, I imagine the bass, saxaphone, clarinet parts, sort of a Miles Davis approach. That relaxes me and eventually I dont notice it so much.. It becomes background music instead of background noise. This is particularly helpful to me now as I am on a medication that seems to kick up quite a bit of tinnitus.

    • Tinnitus seems to have a wide range of sounds. My sounds imitate insects. My friend Susan, has sirens, jungle drums and sometimes airplanes taking off. It make my insects look inconsequential. I wish I could relate mine to music and to have Miles Davis, wow! That might be a little more pleasant. 😉

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