Bad Hearing Day, I Hope

I thought I had an appointment with an audiologist this morning but apparently I was mistaken.  While talking to the front desk person, I realized I was relying on lip reading.  My tinnitus is loud. I didn’t get a full night’s sleep last night due to drinking a Diet Coke around 2 or 3 yesterday afternoon.  I assured the guy I was fine (thinking bad hearing day) and I would come in if needed.  If this bad hearing day doesn’t get any better in the next few weeks, I might be showing back up soon.

Off I went onto other errands, asking people to face me. It really does help.

I went to lunch starving after running errands for too long. I tried a new place up the street with loud music, Wing Nutz.  Again, more of asking people to face me when talking.  My phone rang while I was eating, in my purse, right near me and I never heard it.  I often wonder how many people hear my phone when I don’t.  Do they think, “Man! I wish she’d answer that.”  Or maybe they wonder who I’m avoiding.

Just another day.


2 responses to “Bad Hearing Day, I Hope

  1. Helen Droitsch

    Chelle: I have given up being able to be heard in most restaurants, excpet the ones I go to regularly, such as Einsteins, where they automaticlaly bring me my food without my having to ask. As far as phones are concerned, I have mine on vibrate, and keep it in a pocket that I can feel it vibrating. I check it more often in restaurants and have trained friends and acquaintances to leave me text messages whenever possible.

  2. Nonya Business

    Texting is a godsend. I can’t always feel my phone vibrate. It’s been in my pants pocket when it rang and I still didn’t hear it. Sometimes I hear it vibrate on my desk and two minutes later it goes off again and I don’t hear that time. It’s a mystery. I should just turn off my ringer. Mostly it’s unknown sales calls I get. I now have a message on my phone telling people I’m over half deaf so please text me instead.

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