A Wedding

A few weeks ago I cut and colored a friends hair in preparation for her wedding.  While she was here, I asked if it was possible to get a written transcript of what was being said.  They kind of laughed and said they didn’t know as nothing much was written in stone yet.

Saturday evening, we arrived at a small church which used to be a home.  It’s all  new age so it’s open to new thought and to different people.  I missed the service before the ceremony almost completely because  a small lady with a meditation narrator voice, soft and lulling, was talking. It was out of my hearing range but she had a pleasant voice.  A man spoke after her and I understood him a bit better but as soon as he turned away I lost all words.  (Men’s voices are easier for my type of hearing loss.)

After the service, dinner and drinks were served.  It was outside with a storm threatening.  It was breezy.  The groom came up to me and told me they wanted me to sit right in front of the gazebo.  There were two speakers for a sound system.  Sitting up front I would also be able to read lips more.  Just before the ceremony I placed my FM system on a table near a speaker and  plopped myself down on the grass right up front.

I heard/understood almost everything!  Right when they were pronounced husband and wife, the wind gusted knocking down the table my FM transmitter was on.  It was like a confirmation from mother nature.  My transmitter got a little candle wax on it but survived in tact.

It was such a wonderful ceremony and it brought back teenage dreams and memories.   I was so glad I made my needs known ahead of time.  It worked out so well, it might become a habit!


2 responses to “A Wedding

  1. Helen Droitsch

    Chelle, I can really relate. In April I came back from a college reuinion where the sound system was pretty arcane, and all of the conferences were held in large auditoriums with tremendous echoes. I spent a lot of time trying to focus on name tags, but hearing very little of what they said. There were two days of intense focus…I expect I heard maybe one tenth of what was going on. I don’t regret going, but I do wish I had been able to use my pocket talker more effectively. .

    • Nonya Business

      No matter how much technology we have, it isn’t going to make normal hearing again. Sometimes the FM works for me and sometimes it doesn’t.

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