I thought I would combine my hearing issues on my original blog.  I made the last post thinking that was it.  Then I had someone read it,Helen – thanks for your comments – and say they liked it.  Tonight I had someone from my writers group say she read it and liked it.  So guess I will keep it up.

The thought on my mind most today is the Say What Club (SWC).  Why is it on my mind? Because ALDA (Association for Late Deafened Adults) put out a call for submissions to their quarterly letter regarding how today’s technology helps us such as email, internet, texting and CART (communication access real time; captioning).  I had a lot to say about all that and the first thing to help me online was the SWC.

The good people of SWC  back in the late 90’s taught me so much about hearing loss.They gave me a place to belong because they too were hard of hearing and traveling the same road.  Some lived in big cities and were hooked up with local chapter meetings to go to once a month.  We all supported one another with introducing new technology, coping strategies, resources, ranting and crying sometimes to the group through daily emails.

Where would I be today if I hadn’t stumbled upon them on a web search?  What if I had been born and lived without email, texting, captioned phones and CART?  I almost can’t imagine it.  The first word that pops into my mind is “isolated.”  The next word is, “lonely.”  How on earth would I have connected to the Hearing Loss Association and ALDA without the internet?  How long would it have taken to me to find the Sanderson Center without internet?  Would I still be using bluffing as a coping strategy?  Would I have withdrawn and given up on social life?  I really don’t know the answers. My brain gets stuck in the what if because I like what I have available to me now.

For me, living in this day and age, technology advances keeps me going.  I’m happy to be living right here, right now.  I cannot fathom another age with hearing loss.


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