Lip Reading Class

The Sanderson Center is having a lip reading class starting next month. I signed up.  This time around 20 of us signed up so it’s a go!  I signed up 2 or 3 time the past couple of years but the number of people who signed up were always too low, so the classes were canceled.  One time they held class at a senior center somewhere in town, but I got lost for awhile (typical for me in Salt Lake with all the numbered streets) and then a circus train, of all things, was stalled on the tracks across the road I needed.  By then I was quite late and decided to forget it.  I have wanted this class since coming to the Sanderson Center in 2008.

Sign language is great but I need someone to practice with.  Without that, it’s almost useless.  I sign a little for my 9 month old grandson, he laughs when I do but isn’t able to sign back yet.  Lip reading is a little more practical, although it will never be totally accurate, and keeps me in the hearing world.  Next spring or fall, I will try taking sign language again but will switch from CASE (English order signing) to ASL (American Sign Language) for a change.  A deaf person teaches the beginning ASL class so there should be less talking which would be nice.


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