My local HLAA group had a meeting the other night.  Our guest speaker was our local hard of hearing specialist who told us how to read our audiogram.   She passed out many handouts, one of them an audiogram with certain sounds represented on the chart.  The top of the chart is for pitch or frequencies, the left side for loudness or decibels.  Normal hearing is across the top between zero and 20 decibels.

I copied one of the charts she handed us and took out my last audiogram to pencil it in. ( The hearing test was last March.)  I’m not sure if X or the O represents the right or left ear but it doesn’t matter much since my ears are fairly close together.  My right ear is my worst ear so I’ll assume it’s the O.  You can see my lines in red and blue. It’s considered a classic ski slope loss, it drops drastically.  Everything UNDER that line I hear well.  Everything ABOVE that line, I don’t hear at all or barely hear.  It graphs some of the alphabet into the chart but it’s hard to see.

Isn’t that amazing?

And now here’s the chart with the speech zone and my audiogram.

It’s nice to know what it means after all these years.


2 responses to “Audiogram

  1. My ears are fairly close together too, separated by the width of my head. Lol, sorry, I couldn’t help it.

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