There are times when I think I might have lost more hearing but I’m not sure.  Usually, I coast along for a few months and then other people start telling me I’m missing a lot.   The other night was one of those nights.

Last Tuesday,  a few members and I got together for dinner with a special guest.   Elizabeth LeBarron, HLA’s National States and Chapters Coordinator, was down visiting family and wanted to meet our core group here in Salt Lake. Elizabeth is the nicest person anyone could meet and super social.  There were six of us at the table and I know we were there well over two hours.

Right from the start, I was having troubles hearing.  We met at the restaurant entrance which was by a big flowing fountain.  The only thing I could hear well was the fountain. Inside were a couple more fountains and I still could not hear well.  Voices were far away.

I’m sure I had that concentration look that resembles the mad look; eyebrows scrunched down and staring at whoever is speaking.  I fiddled with my hearing aid programs to make sure I was on the right one.  Later at the table I adjusted the volume it’s loudest point.  Even though I put my back to the grill, all I could hear was the fan above the grill.  If I wasn’t looking at who was talking, I couldn’t hear it.  (It makes me realize I speech read more than I think.)  Since we were eating, it was hard to hear over my chewing too.   The others seemed to be doing a lot better than I was.

The next morning I get an email from my friend Kathy saying something like it looked like I was having a hard time hearing.  Yes I was.  Later that evening, the other guy emailed me with the same message.  Again, yes I was.  It’s not just my imagination.

Since two people have told me and I KNOW I’m struggling, I must have had another hearing drop.  It’s time to go back in and get my hearing aid programs tweaked.  That makes the second time this year.  Socializing gets harder and harder.

I’m thinking it could be time to see if I qualify for the cochlear implant.  Clearly of the four of us who were hard of hearing, I was the one having the most difficult time at the dinner table understanding what was being said.


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