The Kick Off

We held our Walk4Hearing ‘Kick Off’ which is a pre-party for the Walk being held October 15, 2011.  We had about 70 people show up, many of them new people.  CART (real time captioning) was provided for each speaker as well as sign interpreters.   It’s great socializing with so many who understand hearing loss.  Here are some pictures from the event.

ALD's, assistive listening devices. An FM system was set up for us thanks to Listen Technologies.

Coloring books and monkeys for the kids.

Our two great speakers.

Strawberries dressed up for the party.

A girl at our table who enjoyed her strawberry.

Robin inviting us to the eat the munchies.

Ken and Kristen in line for food.

Kristen was hungry for second and thirds, lol, and it was good food!

"Clap every time you hear Walk4Hearing." Kristel was a great speaker.

Our sponsor, Caption Call, saying a few words about the good in The Hearing Loss Association.

Talking about how hearing loss affected her life and what HLA has done for her.

Kristen talked about finding the hearing loss community as well.

Next month is a lot of preparation for the Walk.  You can view my personal Walk page here: Chelle’s Shufflers.  I will be non-stop until October 15th.  Then I can relax, right?


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