Walk4Hearing 2011

Today we held our Walk4Hearing here in Salt Lake City.  It was another successful year and I’m proud to be a part of those who help to put on the big day.  My team (not a business team)  raised the most money.  Yea, go team!

  Here’s the morning in pictures.

T-shirts for those who raised $100 or more.

Hearing Loss Association of America, Salt Lake City Chapter table.

Listen Technologies who provided assistive listening devices (ALD's)

The Sanderson Center's table, they help us so much with the Walk!

Susan and her dog Seba, the furthest traveling person to be in the Walk.

Lots of food available for the walkers.

Ken being a good volunteer and boyfriend putting up a banner for me.

Chase arrived half asleep still.

The balloon artists were popular.

We also had a couple of face painters that were popular with the kids.  I didn’t get as many pictures this year as I did last year.  We had someone else to do that this year.

Here's the registration table where I volunteered Chandel.

Kenshin Taiko played the drums for us again, they were awesome!!!

Chandel being a good volunteer and wonderful daughter.

Ken took Chase to the creek for some water play.

Chandel and Michele, part of my team.

Chase upfront with me for the program.

Paul Kershishnik, our business chair, welcomed everyone.

Hugh McDonald, bass player for Bon Jovi gave a talk on hearing loss prevention.

We had great gift baskets for prizes thanks to Kristen Willey's coordination.

Michele won a couple of ski passes to Brighton for most money raised by an individual.

It was funny because I put the gift basket together not knowing what prize they would use it for.  I know she will use the ski passes.

My team won a movie gift basket for most money raised.

Ribbon Cutting done by Hugh and Paul, our honored guests.


Susan, me and Michele

Another fun year walking for hearing loss awareness.


5 responses to “Walk4Hearing 2011

  1. Everything looks so nice & the weather was good. Glad everything went so well.

    • We really lucked out on weather yesterday. It was about 80 yesterday. We were all watching an approaching storm hoping it would speed up and get here early. Instead it seemed to slow down (will be here tonight instead). October weather can be tricky.

  2. Great blog Chelle! Walk…..HEARING!!! 🙂

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