A few weeks ago I went to Disneyland with my youngest son, Cutler, Robert and Kris.  I screamed as usual on each roller coaster ride and in the Haunted House.  Cutler is about deaf in one ear so he was the one to ride next me.  He was careful to sit on that side each time.  After the first full day, I went hoarse and everyone rejoiced.

When we walking through the park we had to switch sides to put each other in our good ears.  The only way I can remember which is his good ear is let him drive and me be the passenger.  Once off the rides, we start in out with our bad ears then stop abruptly and do a little dance around until our good ears were together.

Last year when I went with the boys I taught Cutler some sign language, mostly “who, what, why, where and when” signs.  He remembered them.  This time I taught him lots of basic signs and he remembered them fairly well.  We used them on and off through out the park.  He’s going to be the one to sign to me when I’m older, I bet.

One late night while waiting to ride Space Mountain, we stopped into Captain EO which stars Michael Jackson.  It’s a 3D movie and some years ago I saw “Honey I Shrank the Audience” in the same theater.  (I liked that one much better than Captain EO.)  I knew from before they had ALD’s available and it is rear-view captioning.    It’s a little hard to focus on the captions and a 3D movie at the same time but it’s doable. I remembered rat tails streams of air and sneezes from the Honey movie and enjoyed it.  Captain EO just bounced around with music mostly.  I don’t think I would bother with that movie again.

It was another fun trip and it’s nice to be able to teach my son some sign language.  Too bad we live about 9 hours apart or we could practice more.


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