Utah-CAN  was at our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Festival at the Sanderson Center last month.  They had a booth and gave demonstrations of the CaptiView for theaters.  It’s a device that goes into the cup holder with a bendable stem and a viewer with captions.  I was excited to see it and asked what theaters had it available, all Century theaters here in Salt Lake basically.  I found out the one down the street has CaptiViews.  It took a month (traveling so much lately) to go and try it out.

Last Thursday was the day.  My friend Susan was down and after lunch we went to the theater.  I asked the ticket lady which theaters had the captions available.  All of them she said.  I thought, “Oh wow! I have my choice of first run movies again???”  We picked The Big Year with Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black.  We juggled two CaptiViews, sodas and her wheelchair on carpet with me even hitting her in the head by acciden with one as it swung around.  We fidgeted with the stem arranging it our liking and waited.

When previews came on, they weren’t captioned but that’s ok, sort of.  I did find out a new Muppet Movie is coming out and some other movie that looked good (couldn’t understand but a few words) about a hotel in India with Judi Dench.  Previews ended and the movie started.  Captions appeared as promised.  Susan and I let out a small squeal of delight, clapped our hands quietly and then focused on the movie.

I used to go the theater at least once a week when I could hear.  I loved going to movies.  Then my hearing got worse and worse and I could understand very little.  I came out of movies madder than hell then would end up crying.  It was a hard habit to give up but it was better than going and not understanding.  As I watched The Big Year, I just knew I could love movies again.  I can go to ANY movie now and I’m delighted.

I came out of that theater with a natural high which lasted me hours.   The world of movies back in my life!  No more waiting for DVD’s to come out.  In that whole process I stopped following movies, didn’t pay attention to previews on TV and even lost actors.  Now I’ll have to get in the groove again.


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