What I Can Hear

Sometimes I think too much about what I can’t hear.  After talking to someone about my hearing, I thought maybe I should go to the positive side and focus more on what I can hear.  Several years ago I learned hearing loss was a disability and I became so focused on that fact I forgot about my abilities.  I tore myself away from hearing loss and went on to other adventures in life.  What I can hear vs. what I can’t hear is along the same lines.

I can hear voices so I know when someone is talking.

Twice a few weeks ago, I could hear the rain hitting the house and asked Ken if it was raining before he told me.  That was amazing to me because I thought that sound was totally gone.  It hasn’t rained since.

I can hear music. I hear enough of it that I’m able to enjoy it. and that makes me happy.  I love my iPod.

I hear geese and in really quiet places like my parents house, I hear the hummingbirds wings make their whirring noise.

At night when my cat lays next to me, against my side, I feel his purr.  Sometimes his purr goes into high gear and then I hear him purr.

I can use the phone when absolutely needed, I feel insecure when I do but I can get through phone calls.

I hear lots of unexciting stuff like; toilets flush, silverware drop, glasses break, dogs bark, doors slam, leaf blowers, microwave oven cooking, horns on cars, helicopters and planes overhead, sirens as they get close, the loud muffler on the Miata and the dishwasher running.

So I’m trying to view what I have and keep it in the positive light.  Let’s see what else I notice, if I pay attention.


2 responses to “What I Can Hear

  1. Thanks for the inspiration Chelle. Too often we get into negative thinking and woe is me when there are so many things to be positive about and thankful for.

    • Thanks Fred. It’s been a good week for sounds. I picked up my boyfriends cell phone going off one quiet morning and I could hear the rain dripping from the gutter this morning. So far it’s been a good experiment.

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