Over a month ago while in Chicago, I realized my hearing aids were jumping on loud noises so much they were basically knocking out my hearing so I went to a new audiologist.  He was suggested to me by a friend but he’s new to the Phonak brand.  He made a call to the Phonak company and found  out the ‘global’ compression was on all the way.  So the audiologist took it all the way off.

Over the last month I couldn’t stand all the loud noise.  Some of it hurt.  I went to the reading for the ten year celebration for the college writing community, the crowd roar after the speeches had me ready to rip my hearing aids out.   People stopped me to talk afterwards but I might as well have been deaf.  I understood what they said after a few minutes but I couldn’t wait to get out of there even though a part of me would have liked to mingle.

Standing at the train platform in the middle of a busy street near a traffic light also proved impossible.  I could barely understand Susan as we waited for the train, all I could hear was the vehicles as they idled at the light waiting it to change or zooming past.  I took  my hearing aids out and relief washed over my whole body and I could understand her better.  That’s not how hearing aids are supposed to work.

Yesterday I got back to the audiologist.  He’s not the friendliest guy and he appeared to be in a hurry. Before I could tell him everything I wanted to about the hearing aids, he was on the phone with Phonak again.  I wanted to tell him even his voice seemed too loud and hurt some in the little room.

He put some ‘global’ compression on again.  He mentioned horrible traffic noise to the person on the other end of the phone, did a lot of “uh-huh’s” as he navigated the hearing aid program and came up with a menu.  It included traffic noise, road noise and crowd noise.  (And do you know, the menu comes with cute little pictures too.)  I interrupted him to tell him, “Yes!  All that!”   He didn’t acknowledge me and made a few more adjustments in the program which didn’t include tweaking the part on my audiogram  menu then hung up the phone.

He said, the person on the phone suggested trying these changes first for a few weeks to see how it goes before messing so not to overdo it.  It’s easier to keep track of what they have done.  More tweaking can come later.

Can I just have the lady on the phone as my audiologist instead, I wondered.  I give him credit for calling the calling the company.  I know I should find one audiologist and stick with him/her but so far I don’t feel like I have a good fit with an audiologist.  I may go back one more time.  I just wish he wasn’t being interrupted by doctors and such in a hurry.

I wore my hearing aids for the rest of the afternoon until about 9:30 last night.  They were more comfortable to wear so hopefully this does me for a while.


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