The Lighter Side of Hearing Loss

Trying to find the positive in hearing loss came up on an email list I’m on. We’re not saying hearing loss isn’t a serious matter. It isn’t easy missing so much in today’s world. Sometimes things seem so bad, all we can do is focus on the negative so we had a little fun with finding the positive side of hearing loss. As one member wrote, “Singing to keep from crying.” So we had a little bit of fun for a day and here’s what we came up with…

  •  Having a hearing loss forces you to view things from a different perspective. We loose out on something but gain so much more in other ways. No one has it “all.”
  • You are more aware of the world around you using your other senses and can see things “normal” people miss or taste something or smell something that normal people will never be able too.
  • I think hearing loss makes us nicer people for the most. We have more patience, sympathy and understanding than many people for all disabilities.
  • Because of hearing loss, I’m co-chair for the Walk4Hearingand sit on a few other committees advocating for hearing loss awareness.


  • I’m pursuing a dream because I couldn’t hear at work anymore.
  • I can listen to a radio station with static and not even realize it. Sounds good to me! I don’t even know when I’ve blown the speakers in my car.
  • Sometimes I can make conversations more interesting than they really are by telling everyone what I heard. (This one came up a few times.)
  • Sometimes you can pick up transmitter radios, CB radios and spanish channels with your hearing aids in T mode….a normal person cannot do that!

I can use my “selective hearing” and tune awful noises out….

  • Tuning out whining kids, bratty people or obnoxious co-workers.
  • I can’t hear crying babies in the seat in front of me on a plane.
  • I love not hearing my husband snore in the middle of the night, not hearing
    him come to bed after me and shut the window and close the blinds. I sleep
    through all of that. (Others wrote about not hearing snoring too, a popular one!)
  • I’ve learned that I can always poke the HAs to “T” in church when there’s a screaming baby, and get a neat, ambient humming soundtrack anywhere, to give my ears a rest.
  • Barking dogs don’t bother me at night when HA is out.
  • I’m able to tune hubby out when he’s annoying (said with a smile).
  • Noisy neighbors don’t bother me as much.
  • I don’t have to listen to political ads!!!


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