Hard of Hearing Culture

I volunteer for a few different hearing loss support groups and I like each of them for various reasons but the SayWhatClub remains close to my heart. Why? In the late 90’s I lived in the middle of nowhere with a hearing loss. “Nowhere” had no hearing loss support whatsoever. The closest support groups were about two or more hours from me but I searched further on the web and came up with the SayWhatClub, an online community for the late deafened and hard off hearing.

From them I received daily support. From them I learned about voice carry over phones and assistive listening devices (ALDs). They told me about CART (but I wouldn’t experience it until I moved to Salt Lake 4 years ago) and they taught me how to cope with my hearing loss and how to get on better with the world. The SWC taught me the majority of what I know today.

I attended one of their conventions in 1998. It was a camp out in the Rockies and there were about 30 of us. I had a great time and never felt left out. This weekend, I’m attending my 2nd SWC convention which goes to a different state/city each year and this year’s is in Salt Lake City. I helped pull some of it together, getting a few speakers and so on.

For the second time this year, I’m in my world… the hard of hearing culture with CART and loop technology along with ALD’s.  I’m loving it and having so much fun. I’m blessed with meeting many great people once again, all of us understanding of hearing loss. I’m learning things, laughing and even doing activities in the area I’ve never done; a zip line, the alpine slide and seen the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Tonight we have John Waldo, attorney and Deaf and hard of hearing advocate, will talk about “Silence to Understanding: Telling Our Story,” during our banquet. They have a silent auction fund raiser set up with a lot of neat items. It’s going to be another late night!

Tomorrow it’s all over.  The majority go home.



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