Walk4Hearing Kick Off Party

Yesterday we held our Kick Off Party here in Salt Lake at the Airport Hampton Inn. The event was looped by Listen Technologies and CART provided by Captions West.  We set the party up with a carnival theme and I think all the kids had  really good time this year.  There was a ‘duck pond’ table set up where kids got prizes, they could get their face painted or get a balloon sword from a balloon artist.  We gave away prizes, showed the Walk4Hearing movie and gave speeches.  There was cotton candy and popcorn as well as a table laid out with appetizers.  This year we set up a table with a few laptops to let people sign up for the Walk online right then and there.  Compared to last year, this year we were a lively group and I think the new people walked away knowing the Walk will be a lot of fun.  The committee worked hard on this years Kick Off and it showed.

Kristel’s mom putting brochures into the team captain folders.

And she had a little helper.

Posters and team captain folders ready to go.

The ducks in their pond. There were numbers on the bottom side of the ducks which correlated to prizes.


Julia making cotton candy.

HLAA table set up.

Kristel’s son. The face painters were awesome.


My grandson in the duck pond.

Face paint and cotton candy!


Helping people register on the website.



Captions West who provides CART for the Kick Off and the Walk.

Kristin, from Listen Technologies, speaks about hearing loss and isolation. Why she puts so much into the hearing loss cause.

Kristel telling us about the team folders.


Kristel encouraging us to Step Up for hearing loss.


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