SayWhatClub Convention

The SayWhatClub had their convention in Salt Lake City August 15-18.  Since the SWC rescued me from denial (not a river in Egypt) in the late 90’s, I was happy to do what I could to help get this years convention together in Salt Lake.  I became co-chair, the local gal and helped gather speakers and equipment. So a great big thanks to the Sanderson Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for lending us equipment such as a projector and screens to show our CART among FM systems and so on. Love the Sanderson Center.

The workshop presenters we rounded up were great; Frank Clayton for Happiness 101, Brenda Estes telling us how to file complaints for captioning on local news channels, Enoch Cox who opened the floor right away for questions on hearing aids, Robin Traveller from the Sanderson Center on assistive listening devices (ALDs) and Hamilton Relay on the services available.

Our banquet presenter was John Waldo, caption advocate and attorney.  He told us about how he helped make captioning available in theaters, the strategy he used and how to use the same strategies locally. He’s such an inspirational speaker.

Meeting other SWC members is an experience never to forget. They are always patient with a sense of humor in tact.  I smiled and laughed so much my tip tops of my hearing aid molds dug into my ears to create sore spots. That’s how I know I’ve had a good time.

My thanks to Kristen Willey for helping me locally. The SWC board members for believing in me enough to make me co-chair for the event.  My thanks also go to the Sanderson Center for helping so much and Kathy Evans who is invaluable in resources and contacts. John Waldo, it was a pleasure to hear you again. Enoch Cox who turned into such a fun presenter.  Oh man, I know I’m forgetting others so watch my comments as I remember.

So onto pictures now (and not in very good order because of two cameras in use)…


Me… and a whole lot more. Kristen learned the night before how to sign,”She has fake boobs.” I gave her ample opportunity that night to sign it.

Kristen and Donna

Gayl Hardeman, our CART person through out the event. What a neat lady to know.

Neil and Dian Bauman

Me and Jack, who likes to go to Hooters normally but since I filled in, no one went this year. ha ha

Rosie and I creating a Kodak moment.

Kate coming into the welcome party.

Gayl, Donna, Marti, Jazzy

Donna on a beer and a hot flash. She’s getting as close to the A/C vent as she can.

Jazzy and Kathy


Frank Clayton in Happiness 101

The 3 cochlear implant companies presented together: Advanced Bionic, Cochlear America and Med-El

Robin Traveller

Brenda with hearing dog Calvin, Linda and Kate, chatting in the hospitality room.

Brenda presenting an informative workshop.

Hamilton Relay

Enoch Cox

Brenda and Amy

Fellow Connectors; Brenda, Neil and Kristen.

A group who rode on the Alpine Coaster in Park City.

a group of us at Temple Square


A birthday bash for their prophet featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

A group of us on the way back from the choir performance. We missed our train stop and had to go back…Thanks to Kristen and I, the locals, talking away and not paying attention to where we were.

Silent auction items up for bid.

Connect list members at the convention. I am a Connect member!

Maurice, Debbie and Lorne.

A workshop table

workshop attendees

Anne and Ann

John and Rosie

Carol and Maurice

Donna and Susan

Sanderson Center tour, Robin showing a special tinnitus pillow.

Wendy at the Sanderson Center.

Jim and Mary Lou

All the people wearing black and white at the banquet.

Anne Marie and Kristen

the auction action

Marti and Tom

Kristen and me. She was my sidekick… or maybe I was hers. I’m not sure which.

Jeannene and Ray, an anniversary couple

The locals

Susan, Debbie, Brenda and me

Gayl’s CART test


John Waldo, guest speaker for the banquet.

Girls gone crazy.


2 responses to “SayWhatClub Convention

  1. cannot stop laughing…..I really miss this group!

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