9 hours average

I went to see my audiologist again while in Salt Lake earlier this week (back in AZ now).  I logged in on a total of 577 hours with my hearing aids since I last saw him.  It averaged out to 9 hours a day.  I said something like, “Not ten yet but I’m working on it.”  He said he was thrilled and “I’m not going to split hairs with you. That’s great! You were only averaging 3 hours a day the last time.”

So he turned up my hearing aids a bit. He told me he only turned them up a tiny bit but it sure seems like a lot to me. I spend a lot of time in my noisy environment program. I can hear my cat meow a lot more. He is a talker! I even heard him from behind me while we were driving down the road. (He stays with my mom when I’m gone for an extended time.) It’s nice to hear him. I mostly lip read my cat before this current audiologist reprogrammed my hearing aids.

I think I hear more birds too. I’m at the city library now and I’m amazed at all the noise in here, even in my less volume noise program. Aren’t libraries supposed to be quiet?  I had to ask my mom to not talk as loud as she normally does.

When I take my hearing aids out, I really do feel nearly deaf. I’m shocked each time how little I do hear even though in a way the quiet is welcome.

I asked my audiologist to make me a note for Motor Vehicle Division here to add to my driver’s license, a note saying I’m hard of  hearing since the MVD won’t take my word for it. This way, if I’m ever pulled over or in an accident, the police or emergency people know what to expect.  He was happy to write one up for me and put in it I have a moderate to profound hearing loss.  I do? I didn’t know I was that bad.  I thought it was mild to profound.

This makes me wonder at how well I do in the world. I feel like I get along fine but how much struggle do I put into hearing without knowing it?



6 responses to “9 hours average

  1. I remember when my audi got after me for not wearing my HA’s all the time too… I was averaging about 2-3 hours a day… occasionally, I would wear them all day, and some days not at all. he got mad, and I decided to learn to trick him, and it worked. I would leave them turned on all day, but they just weren’t in my ears… it worked until my hearing family heard the squealing of the feedback. now with my CI I’ve been much better about it, because it is actually useful to me.
    Did he give you a copy of your audiogram? with it being moderate to profound, do you have a sloping loss? or a cookie bite loss?

    • Who knew hearing aids would one day tattle. Even after 21 years, I’m not a wear my hearing aids all day person. I sort of enjoy my silence. This new setting is hard to take right now though. I have thought about leaving them on and walking away but decided if I was to get a CI (next step), I’d better be dedicated to noise. Noise is one thing and understanding is another. That’s where the CI is so much better. I have a classic ski slope loss, black run. I guess it’s near enough moderate now and then disappears from there. I didn’t get a copy of the audiogram because it’s close enough to the last one which I have copied into the blog here somewhere.. back a ways maybe.

      • Silly tattling HA’s… they never did that when I was a kid… I could take my batteries out all I wanted and no one knew… until they tried to talk to me and I didn’t hear them… but yes, now they tattle… I’m not sure if my CI itself tattles on me, but I’m normally very good about actually wearing that. Although my audi did warn me (because I told her I wasn’t very regular about wearing my HA’s) that the impotence tests would tattle on me… and she would know.
        found it! and yes… I would say that would be mild to profound… although it is only mild in 1 or 2 frequencies… I was against a CI for a very long time… I didn’t want one, no one could make me get one… but I’m really enjoying it… and I have surgery scheduled again for Dec to get my next one. I have 0% speech discrimination with my HA, and really… 0% speech awareness either… I feel vibrations on my ear drum… and that is it. The CI really has helped, and its a totally different type of sound. I didn’t think I would like it… but I do.
        I LOVE my silence! the one good thing about construction outside my back door at work today… I can be in silence, and no one can say anything about it… because the jackhammers aren’t my friend, and they give me a headache. “CI-less Deaf Girl” is better than “pissy with a headache, don’t you dare make any noise Deaf Girl”.

      • You were clever! You wore your hearing aids but no batteries, lol. I just took mine out and told everyone they were out for a noise break, which I needed a lot of when I worked 6-8 hours days around blow dryers. Take them out!!! Give me my muted world!
        I am having troubles accepting this tiny bit up volume my audiologist put in. I’m not getting pleasant noises, I’m getting harsh ones. I’ll try wearing them more still but dunno if this one will work or not. I keep hearing how CIs are better. I might start thinking more seriously about one.
        Thanks for writing. Sorry I’m slow replying. I live in the boonies in a cabin at the moment and have to drive to town for wifi.

  2. ,Shirley Sorenson

    Be very very serious abt getting a CI. !!! If u don’t like it afterards and don’t wear it, u are totally deaf in that ear because doctor takes out the natural cochlear. I didnt like mine although I gave it a try for a yr and a half. WAY NOISY and not even understanding speech. Why bother? Sure it works for some ppl but there is no guarantee.

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