Salt Lake City’s Walk4Hearing 2012, part 1

We had our 3 Walk4Hearing on October 13. We watched the weather which could have thrown a lot of rain our way but we lucked out once again. It sprinkled a few times on us and that was it.

We arranged entertainment at the last minute. Marky the Clown was so much fun! We were so happy he had the morning free to fill in for us. The cement pad area was looped thanks to Listen Technologies and it worked awesome! The Sure Fire Pizza was as good as it was the last few years.

Many thanks to the committee who pulled it together.  The whole morning felt full of good people with smiling faces. Children loved the clown, balloon artists and face painters… and so did the adults!  The Walk4Hearing was successful. We pulled it off again.




















But wait there’s more… coming up in the next few days; part 2!



3 responses to “Salt Lake City’s Walk4Hearing 2012, part 1

  1. Cathy Zimmerman

    Lots of work there, Chelle and Kristen. Thanks for the photos and giving me an idea of what this walk actually looks like. Cathy

  2. glad you enjoyed the pics cathy….Chelle is da bomb!

  3. Awww shucks, girls just wanna have fun!

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