Dragon Award

Eye Can’t Hear You! Nominated me for a Dragon Award a few weeks ago while I was south visiting family.


Some of the blogs I read have already been nominated:


Another Boomer Blog

Lipreading Mom

A few others I follow aren’t about hearing loss. An interesting new to me blog is called Adventures in Low Vision.  I like reading her perspective about having lost one of five senses.  I see a lot of similarities with my hearing loss.

So I can’t list 15 blogs I follow, I listed 4 out of seven I follow.  Now I’m supposed to list seven interesting things about me.

  1. I’m starting my own business as a hairdresser. Today is an inspection of sorts and this deserves a whole blog in itself later.
  2. I manage to travel and get around lots in spite of a very limited income.
  3. I’m trying to get  book together about hearing loss.  I have 18 chapters so far in rough draft.
  4. Burning Man is a part of my history.  It taught me a lot about individuality and creativity.
  5. At 19 years old I did a fire walk.
  6. My dream car was a Jeep Wrangler, soft top. In 2007 I got one and about a year ago or so, I sold it.  It wasn’t that big of a deal in the end.
  7.  I used to be a neat freak, not being able to sleep unless everything was in it’s place.  I got over it after having kids realizing it would only drive them and me crazy.

2 responses to “Dragon Award

  1. Good luck with your business! What is a fire walk? And, thanks for the blog mention. I’m glad you enjoy my writing. I find your blogs interesting.

  2. Thanks! I hope the new business does well too for many reasons.
    A fire walk – I walked on a bed of red hot coals. A very powerful experience, makes you feel like you can do anything. Unfortunately, reality came a long shortly there after and slapped me back down to earth. lol The world lost it’s magic for a long time but I think it’s coming back slowly.

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