Hearing Aid Fun

I was looking through some hearing images on the web and check this out:


This and more was posted from The Cookie Bite Chronicles.  Check out some of the other ways to “pimp” your hearing aids: http://thecookiebitechronicles.wordpress.com/tag/pimp-your-nhs-hearing-aid/


3 responses to “Hearing Aid Fun

  1. Hello! I like your positive approach to hearing aids! When you contemplate wearing hearing aids, I would suggest you find out about the long term services and counselling provided by the audiologist. Richard Kent from Nepean Hearing in Ottawa.

    • I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 22 years now. I love the colors they come in now. My own are bright, translucent red. 🙂 And I love the creativity people have in blinging them up too.

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