SayWhatClub Convention part 2


The next day at the convention started out with a Town Hall Meeting.  Lorne gave us an overview of the SayWhatClub, our goals and where we would like to go. Volunteers were introduced. He talked about the new Gen-Y group on FaceBook and showed us how to access the archives for the individual lists (a message board format instead of individual emails).

Let me introduce CART (real time captioning)  before we go further.  All our workshops and the banquet had CART available.  Her is Kathy, our CART person this year and the screen.  Plus, we had an induction or hearing loop in there also so we had options of how to ‘listen.’

Kathy, our CART person


Donna gave a short talk on next years convention. The location is undecided but they are thinking either Texas or Milwaukee. She also stressed more volunteers are needed for the convention committee. The workload on the few volunteers…

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