Three Sounds I Can Hear

It’s easy to focus on what I’m not hearing because there’s so much out there I can’t hear. When I hear my boyfriend complaining the chickens are making too much noise and driving him crazy, I want to say, “I wish I could hear that.” It’s not that I can’t hear chickens, I can when I’m standing or sitting near them but they honestly don’t bug me. I think their noises are funny and I’m glad when I do hear them.

Another thing that worries him are the big wind chimes in the carport. He thinks they might be driving the neighbors crazy but he keeps them up because he knows they are the only wind chimes I can hear. I love being able to hear them.

When I sleep, it seems like my hearing shuts off all together. As I wake up, there’s a few minutes when I don’t hear anything. Slowly, like a computer being turned on, sounds start coming back like traffic noise on a nearby street and now the wind chimes. Since it’s now summer, the bedroom window is often open at night and in the morning we have the typical ‘canyon breezes’ to push the chime around. I forget about the traffic noise and my tinnitus (whichnever seems to shut down) and put all my attention on the chimes. I barely hear them and I can’t tell one chime from another but I hear the ‘dong-dong-dong’ and it makes me happy.

This morning I see the trees outside dancing with the wind (I don’t hear the wind at all unless it’s super strong) so I take my tea outside to sit on the steps leading to the garden. Most of the backyard is cluttered right now with my boyfriend between projects but the vegetable garden is getting greener and bigger. There’s a rose in full bloom next to me and I can hear the chimes here better than anywhere else. I can even tell the difference in the chimes as I sip my tea and welcome the morning sun.

Children laughing is another favorite sound. My kids are grown now and I have a two and a half year old grandson. I can’t always understand what he’s saying but I do hear his voice and I take delight in his laughter as he feeds the chickens. He thinks that’s the funniest thing and he squeals with laughter as their heads bob around to snag the food.

Another day working in my friend’s yard, the next door neighbors kids were out on a hot summer day with a three foot pool they just got. There was lots of laughter, raised voices and I assume a lot of splashing (that part I couldn’t hear). I couldn’t see them at all but it was a nice backdrop to a summer day and their laughter helped me smile as I worked.

There’s three sounds I’m grateful for while I have some hearing left.


3 responses to “Three Sounds I Can Hear

  1. My friend Patty used to work for Nuear and those hearing aids really work.

  2. As a mom of 5 (ages 2 -15) one of the things I don’t have is silence. It is always noisy in my house. Sometimes I turn my hearing aids off because they are amplifying the non-stop noise of the kids when they are getting really annoying and I have just had it for the day but like you mentioned the tinnitus never turns off.
    Other mom’s talk about how they want to go someplace where there is complete silence and I think that would be hell because then it would be just me and the non stop ringing in my ears. That would be 1000 times worse than annoying kid chatter or anything else I can think of.

  3. I hardly ever wore my hearing aids home when my 3 kids were growing up. All the noise put me on edge and made me clench my teeth. Those were the days of analog hearing aids which made it all the worse.
    My tinnitus and I have made friends so it does’t bother me in silence. It was crushing to find out if my hearing loss progressed to deaf, I’d still hear all the tinnitus. That’s kind of scary to ONLY hear that.

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