Introducing the Hearing Loop

Thanks to those who came to the meeting on Saturday, it was good to see you all there.  Thank you Karen for the fruit and pound cake.

  About 4 or so years ago our chapter wanted to know more about looping.  I remember Doug bringing in a Loop New Mexico presentation.  We viewed it, we talked about it and we still didn’t quite understand.  I don’t know if any of us at that meeting had experienced a loop at that point in time.  It sounded good but we didn’t know where to turn to get more information.
With Hearing Loops

With Hearing Loops

  Look how far we’ve come.  Now we have a looped room at the Sanderson Center where we can meet and the sound is terrific!  Kristin Rector of Listen Tech came and gave us a presentation about the loop and how we can advocate for it.  She also asked for our  help in how to better present to venues.  Ideas were exchanged and I think we all learned a little something even if we already thought we knew the loop.
  Not only that but Utah now has its own imitative called Loop Utah.  We have some great people in our chapter who put in a lot of time and effort there and on other committees to raise awareness and advocate for hearing loss.  Take a look at Utah-CAN who is also accomplishing great things around the valley.  And the Sanderson Center also tirelessly works on our behalf.  I think our people deserve a round of applause.
  Thank you Julie for our CART at the meeting.  While the loop works great, it doesn’t work for everyone so having CART at our meetings is important too.
  Coming up, a social next month!  We are going to start having socials in between our regular meetings.  Look for something on that tomorrow.

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