First Response

The downtown library replied to the email I wrote last night: 

This came from the director of library experiences:

“Thank you for sharing this information with me.  We do have ALDs available for use in our auditorium space.  The event on February 20 is being held in our 4th Floor meeting room.  I am including Aleko Campos, AV Specialist, in this response in order for him to confirm if we have portable ALDs that can be used outside of the auditorium to accommodate you.”

The AV guy wrote me an hour or so later:

“We do have a portable assistive listening system that I would be happy to set up for you. I will be there at the program on the 20th to make sure everything is working.”

Awesome!  Ask and you shall receive.  🙂

This event features a local author talking writing.  I also asked if I could reserve a seat up front for lip reading purposes or would showing up early be enough.

I think the Writing Center will drag it’s feet.  A month or so before my brief stay in AZ, I wanted to sign up for a class with CART and they told me they couldn’t do that.  I was going to argue with them about that but I moved instead.  So maybe this time I get to make my point.  After all, these classes are open to everyone, equal access.  They can’t say that if they deny me the opportunity to be there as well.

I’m not looking to be a thorn in their side, I just want to enjoy the options everyone else does there.



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