Hearing Aid Out

At the beginning of the month, my left hearing aid started cutting in and out.   It happened just in time for the USHA conference (Utah Speech-Language Hearing Association) where Loop Utah had a table.  I was behind the table volunteering hoping to hear enough to talk to people and through the counter loop we had set up there.  Of course my audiologist was attending the conference too so I couldn’t rush in to see him.  I found out if I took it out of my ear and shook it, it would go back on for a little while again so I spent two days shaking my hearing aid.

Then it started working proper again.  I wanted to change my programming around a little so I made an appointment with my audiologist anyway.   We changed the batteries in my hearing aids for the programming and guess what happened?  The left hearing aid quit working again.  Talk about timing!  That almost never happens at the perfect time.

So he shook my hearing aid too (I had to smile seeing that).  Nothing.  He went into another room to clean out the battery area which had a rubber seal to it making it water resistant.  My hearing aids are about 4 years old and the rubber wears out, turning to goo with sweat and moisture.  It worked again but he warned me that might not be the problem.  If it happened again, he’d have to send it out.

I walked out of there with a functioning hearing aid and it worked well for over a week. Then it stopped.  No amount of shaking it would make it stay on for any length of time.  It’s time to send it in, darn it.

I do not like wearing only one hearing aid.  I feel out of balance with one ear hearing strongly and the other on mute.  I went to a meeting on Saturday and it was in the looped room at the Sanderson Center.  With only one ear working, even with the loop, it was awkward.  Thanks goodness for CART.  Until my hearing aid gets fixed, I doubt wear just the one.

Today I’m subbing a Living With Hearing Loss class for a friend who can’t make it.  It’s the kind of event I wear hearing aids at.  This will be interesting!  At least I’m taking ALDs so I’ll use one myself with earbuds.


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