Between the Worlds

by Chelle George

A few weeks ago, I watched the 2000 documentary Sound and Fury for the first time.  It starts out with a little girl, Heather, from a Deaf family who wants a cochlear implant (CI).  Through the filming it appears she was talked out of it and the family  moved to a Deaf community in Maryland.  Instead, her newborn cousin gets a CI. Sound and FuryThirteen years later, here is Heather Artinian doing a presentation for TEDx.  She went ahead and got a CI 3 years later for reasons she discusses in her video (link at the end of the post).  She’s doesn’t regret it and in fact gets another one later on.

In the video, she talks about being on a bridge between the Deaf and hearing worlds.  She’s there to fill the gap between both worlds.  She’s not alone on that bridge, there are lots of us there but most of us are invisible.

Her presentation is easy to relate to even though she comes from a strictly Deaf world.  Many of us come from a strictly hearing world but we’re all on that bridge together.  There are things we too can do bridge that gap.

Take a look at her video and feel free to comment here.

The Heather World


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