Requesting CART, again

On February 10th, I wrote our local writing center, which is sponsored by a local community college, asking for CART for a May workshop they are offering.  (Click HERE to read my post about that.)    I heard back from the manager of the center a few days later saying it would take time to get things together  and I might hear from others.

A few weeks ago, I started wondering when I might hear from these other people since it’s now a month away.  I emailed once again and got a very confused reply which said something about placing me.  Did that mean CART would be available?  A few more days have passed and no word.  Am I getting the run around in hopes I forget it or don’t follow through?  I’m not going to let that happen.

Tonight, I sat down and sent another email and this time I included the college disability center.  I’m don’t want to be threatening at all but I am going to push my point.  If I don’t, who will????  We the hard of hearing deserve equal access.


Here is the email I sent out (minus names and specific details)….

 On February 10, I wrote the college writing center asking for accommodations for the upcoming workshop on May 1 and 8.  I wrote way back then so there’d be enough time to prepare for CART (real time captioning) for the workshop.  The last workshop I attended I could not participate in it even though I brought my personal FM system and asked for an outline.  The acoustics in the room were so terrible it wrecked whatever advantage my hearing instruments gave me.  (My original request will be sent after this email.) 

  I moved away for a bit and now that I have moved back, I’d like to attend your workshop but I need accommodations to do so.  When I wrote in early February, I had hope this would be resolved by now but I can’t help but feel I’m getting the run around after the last confusing email.  I’d like to think an interpreter would be provided if a Deaf person came in.  I’m not Deaf unfortunately and not fluent in sign language which is why I requested CART.
  I know the college provides CART services so I’m wondering why this is such a problem.  It’s also mind boggling that the center offers a publication on human rights inviting people to write for it and another workshop/writing group called on writing for change. It would seem the center could be open to change and accommodations.
  Their mission statement reads: “The Writing Center supports, motivates and educates people of all abilities and education backgrounds who want to use writing for practical needs, civic engagement and personal expression.”  Does this not include people with disabilities?  With hearing loss?  Is there equal access here?
  My first email brings up the American Disabilities Act (ADA) which you may re-read after this.  My goal here is not to be mean, to fight or argue.  I simply want to attend the workshop with equal access.   As soon as I know I will be accommodated, I will come down to pay the fee.
  Thank you for your time.
What do you think, did I do okay?

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