Giving Up Old Ways


I read this book some years ago and picked it up again the other day. Because my life perspective have shifted over these last 3 years or so, I’m picking up completely different things from it. Here is something that slowed me down, reading word by word instead of the sentences if that makes sense. I thought, “This applies to many of with hearing loss.” I’m going to quote the paragraph below:

“Recently we have been hearing of the “mid-life crisis.” (Change this to hearing loss crisis.) Actually, this is but one of many “crises,” or critical stages of development, in life, as Erik Erikson taught us thirty years ago. (Erikson delineated eight crises; perhaps there are more.) What makes crises of these transition periods in the life cycle–that is problematic and painful–is that in successfully working our way through them we must give up cherished notions and old ways of doing and looking at things. Many people are either unwilling or unable to suffer the pain of giving up the outgrown which needs to be forsaken. Consequently they cling, often forever, to their old patterns of thinking and behaving, thus failing to negotiate any crisis, to truly grow up, and to experience the joyful sense of rebirth that accompanies the successful transition into greater maturity.”

In order to grow/mature in our hearing loss, we need to let go of old ways and embrace the new ways/lesson. It’s the clinging that’s so painful. What do you think?


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