Coming soon…

It’s a quick post tonight. It’s something I want to do, no, have to do. I think about about my blog all the time and I have things I want to share but I’ve run out if time to write. My blog was/is a passion and something I always enjoyed doing never feeling I had to do it. I miss it. I miss sharing.
I’m out of balance and I mean to correct it soon. I have over volunteered myself and I didn’t realize how stressed I was becoming…but my body has a way of showing me. When cold sores pop up it’s a warning, nasty little reminders but that’s what it takes to get my attention I guess. I want to do it all but reality says I can’t.
It will take me a few months to fulfill my responsibilities but then I will take my outgoing energy and bring it back in. There’s other things I want to accomplish and have wanted to accomplish for a long time. This post is mainly a promise to set myself on the path again.
In the meantime, here’s a picture of me that has nothing to do with hearing loss. One taken a few weeks ago on the Colorado River about 9 miles below Hoover Dam. We took the canoe upriver from Willow Beach. Blue skies. Green or blue water depending on you look at it. Me relaxed and enjoying the great outdoors.



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