The Cat

Meet Squeaker. He’s my constant companion while I’m home and he’s claims this spot on my desk. He’s catching the afternoon sun while he keeps an eye on me.
Why is he named Squeaker? We picked him up from the vet as a kitten. After a week or so I never heard a proper meow out of him so he became Squeaker. All 3 of my kids accepted his name without question.
Months later I brought up why Squeaker earned his name and all 3 kids looked at me with blank faces. “What,” I asked. One of them explained his meow was fine, maybe it was my hearing? Geeze! Too late to change his name now. At least he talks enough the name kinda fits.
Since he is usually around me, he acts as my ears. He hears the back door (I don’t), lifting his head and looking that way. I know when he hears my 4 year old grandson enter the house too. He’s all claws scritching across the desk surface bunching the towel up against the window. He makes it under the bed well before my grandson gets to my office.
At night, Squeaker generally sleeps next to me. Sometimes I think I hear weird noises and he keeps his head down so I know it’s a common noise and go back to sleep. If he lifts his head and looks after a strange sound, I will get up to explore while he follows me.
He’s my faithful sidekick and my best ever cat. He’s ten years old and I’m hoping I get another ten years with him.


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