HB112 at the Capitol

The Utah State Capitol

The Utah State Capitol

This morning I went to the state Capitol to show support of HB112 which went before a senate committee this morning.  This bill would make all hearing instrument specialists tell their clients about assistive listening technology available when people come in to buy hearing aids.  So many people end up paying big bucks for basic hearing aids without all the options and it drives me crazy.  This bill should help better  inform people right off the bat.  The bill passed the committee this morning and will move on to the Senate floor within the next ten days.

I’ve learned to advocate for myself personally, slowly but surely over the last 6 years especially.  That’s because I started going to local HLAA meetings and hanging out with other people who already advocated for themselves.  Now I’m learning to advocate, slowly but surely, on a bigger level and I’m learning by hanging out with these lovely ladies.

Show of support for HB112 at the Capitol this morning.

Show of support for HB112 at the Capitol this morning.

It is exciting to watch HB112 and learn the workings of getting a bill like this passed.  I’m gaining more knowledge.


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